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Tile Cleaning Tips
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Tile and Grout Cleaning DIY

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If you love your bathroom tiles to look beautiful or need help cleaning grout? Then this “Tile and Grout Cleaning DIY” guide is just for you! Here, will show you some tips related to Tile and Grout cleaning that works pretty best. As everyone knows, that fresh and clean grout looks amazing, but without proper maintenance and cleaning, it becomes mildewed and stained and even cracked. And while grout begins falling and cracking, water can seep into the wall and reason main damage.

Grout Cleaning

From regular maintenance to grout replacement, here’s in this guide, you will learn some healthy, easy and simple ways to clean tile and grout. So, learn and try to keep your grout clean, extend its life, and keep away from money-wasting and premature time grout replacement.

Daily Tile and Grout Cleaning

A daily spraying and wiping routine after your shower or bath is necessary to keep your tiles clean and avoid damage and premature staining. Sure, it could look a bit irritating, but it’ll keep you from plenty of work in the long run.

The first thing you need to do is to get a great squeegee. The good grips squeegee works great and is pretty simple to hold. Whenever you take a bath or shower, run the squeegee on the glass walls as well as on tile and doors to remove extra water.


After that, you ought to lightly spray your glass and tile with a mild, regular shower cleaner. You can get a green cleaner or can make your own by mixing a 4:1 water to vinegar solution.

A lot of peoples generally love the method products because of their excellent cleaning power and great scent. But if you can’t get that particular product, tons of other cleaning brands are available in the market that will help you in your daily shower cleaning, so try and see which one is best for your home.

Regular cleaning routine will keep your bath or shower clean on a regular basis. It will also help you in reducing the amount of time that you’ll spend on scrubbing.

Weekly Cleaning

Although you will certainly keep your glass and walls cleaner with the above routine, you’ll still require to provide a deep clean to your bath or shower at least each week (or every two weeks). Regardless of your regular struggle, soap scum and body oils will still cling to the surfaces.

So, give your grout weekly or bi-weekly a wonderful preventative clean with a baking soda paste and water. With a grout brush scrub it in the grout or make use of rinse and toothbrush with clear water. If your grout looks a bit additional stained than normal, make use of hydrogen bleach rather than water – but be cautious not to combine hydrogen bleach with vinegar. Before cleaning the shower if you have made use of vinegar as your regular spray, ensure to carefully rinse it off before using hydrogen bleach in the grout.

For extremely stained grout

Sometimes, through simple lack of attention or either through laziness, grout turn out to be grimy and stained to the point where your baking soda paste and regular shower cleaner can’t fairly perform the job any longer.

To focus the bleaching power there is a single easy way where you require it is to use a peroxide pen. For smaller surfaces and a little grout work, the peroxide pen is a great choice. It works great as well as reduces potential contact with your tile – but you don’t need to make use of it for the complete cleaning grout.

For a little additional strength, it is incredible where the weekly or bi-weekly cleaning just isn’t pretty sufficient, but you don’t feel like peroxiding your whole tile wall.

Grout renewal for long-term stains

And when the above doesn’t help you in removing the stains, then there’s another thing you may perform is to do little of changing the whole grout.

There are a lot of online products available on the internet that help you in cleaning tile and renewing grout in a range of different color so you can buy a new color or either change it to something darker.

The product increases a level of protection and color in contradiction of future staining and can spread the grout life for fairly some years.

You can also make use of a Poly-blend Grout Renew to easily change the color of your grout. Try it for an exciting change of the difference between dark grout and pale tiles!


Similar to the other areas of the home, the great maintenance is constantly protective instead of reactionary. If you follow this informative guide and daily clean the floors of your tile, then they will definitely seem as good as fresh for years to come.

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