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7 tips on how to clean my carpet with vinegar

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I have wall to wall carpeting in my home in Baltimore. Some very expensive woolen rugs that I procured when I was on a short holiday in Dubai are also placed around. I have been obsessed with the idea of never using harsh cleaning chemicals, and clean my carpets with vinegar. This is after I was advised by the shop owner in Dubai who sold me the woolen carpets.

He advised me to clean my carpet with vinegar though I was apprehensive at first when he said so, today I just do that whenever it is stained and needs to be cleaned. He roped me in on a few tips which have held me in good stead. I would like to share his tips with you on how I clean my carpet with vinegar.

It is always in our best interests to use natural staples that we find easily in our homes to clean when we need to. Chemicals could be harmful to us and our pets too. Using natural ingredients like vinegar would be safe and also convenient to employ. These are readily available and you would not need to run to the nearest store when something stains your carpet.

I have vinegar and other staples which I use for many other such chores around my home. It keeps the environment safe and my family safe. This is something that we all need to follow. Thanks to the carpet seller in Dubai, I have no issues when I need to clean my carpets.

With a little prudence, patience and gentle work you too could clean your carpet like how I clean my carpet with vinegar.

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#1. Cleaning my carpets with Vinegar and Baking Powder

It is known universally that vinegar which is basically acetic acid and water is a very good combination to remove stains on carpets. Sprinkling some Baking Soda on a stain in the carpet and then spraying some vinegar on it would bring out a bubbling mound. Along with it the stain too would be removed. Slowly wipe it off and vacuum.

#2. Vinegar and the steam iron

Spray some vinegar on the stain in the carpet, place a clean white hand towel dampened with water on it. Place your steam iron on the towel and iron over the towel. Your stain on the carpet would be on the hand towel. Eureka!

#3. White vinegar and water

Mix one part of White Vinegar with two parts of water and spray on the stain and gently dab the area working from the outer edges to the inside. Use a clean white hand towel to absorb the stain. This is good to remove pet or children’s urine stains, rust and others.

#4. Vinegar, Borax and Salt

Mix equal parts of Vinegar, Borax and Salt, into a paste. Then apply it liberally on the stain and let it dry. Then vacuum and spray water and dab with a clean white hand towel.

#5. Vinegar, Dish Wash Soap and warm water

Mix three parts of Vinegar with one part each of Dish Wash Soap and warm water. Spray the mixture on the stain in the carpet and dab gently with a clean white hand towel till the stain comes off. Repeat the process till you get all the stain out.

#6. Vinegar and the weight

Stubborn stains could be removed by liberally spraying the affected area on the carpet with Vinegar. Then place a clean white hand towel on it by folding it as many times to cover the area. Then place an appropriate weight on the towel and leave it overnight. Repeat the process for a couple of days if the stain is still to be seen.

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#7. Vinegar and Club soda

Mix equal parts of Vinegar and Club Soda and spray onto the stain in the carpet. Immediately start dabbing gently with a clean white hand towel. Do it continuously for a few times till the stain comes off. This is good for fresh stains like juices, wine, dairy products etc.


Before you use any of the above tips it would be prudent to first try out on a small area of the carpet. Whether there is a stain or not, check out how the vinegar solution would react. Leave it for a few minutes and if there is no reaction then try the stain.

I have tried most of the above to clean my carpets with vinegar and have had very good results. You too could do so but some prudence and patience is required. Some stains may not come off in the first instance and you may have to repeat the process a few times. Anyway eventually you would get it out, with patience and following the right methodology.

Good luck!

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