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4 tips on how to clean hair wax from carpet

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We use hair wax quite extensively in a household. Most of the time due to negligence we could spill some of them on the carpets. When that happens you may think it is a nightmare to clean hair wax from carpets. Hold your horses there are a few ways that you could. It is not by using expensive chemical cleaning liquids, but using some pragmatic ideas.

It is imperative that if you are using hair wax at home that you keep in mind some tips on how to clean hair wax from carpets. This will hold you in good stead when the inevitable happens. If not you would be groping in the dark for answers.

Most of these methods to clean hair wax from carpets has been tried and tested so you could try them out. On second thoughts take some precautions which you read at the bottom of this article.

It may not be such a fuss to clean hair wax from carpet if you follow the following steps. They are simple and easy. You may have to display some prudence and patience.

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#1. The butter knife

This needs to be done as soon as the hair wax drops on the carpet. Being creamy hair wax would tend to precipitate into the carpet fibers. Before it does that, slowly scrape off the hair wax from the carpet. Use a dry clean white towel and wipe off whatever hair wax you could from the surface.

Warm the butter knife over a light flame and use the heat to slowly remove the hair wax without damaging the carpet. The butter knife should not be hot but just warm and by slowly rubbing the butter knife over the hair wax most of it could be slowly removed. This would need patience and care too.

#2. The ice cube in pack

Take some ice cubes in a plastic pack and try to freeze the hair wax on the carpet. No water should come in contact with the hair wax. Once the hair wax freezes it would harden and then slowly scrape it off with the blunt side of a knife.

Doing this many times and keeping a close watch on the patch of hair wax on the carpet you could remove most of it. The process needs to be done many times till all the hair wax is successfully removed.

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#3. The Iron

Place a clean white dry towel over the patch of hair wax. Turn on the clothes iron and switch off the steam mode. Place the mildly hot iron on the towel. Gently move it around to melt the wax into a liquid. The wax liquid would be absorbed into the towel.

Continue the process a few times and you would have all the hair wax out. When you repeat the process remember to chance the towels or that part of the towel should be free of any hair wax. This way you could remove all of the hair wax from the carpet.

Using the iron it should be remembered that the heat of it should be moderate and not be too hot. The heat should be just sufficient to melt up the hair wax. The heat from the iron would change the hair wax into a liquid form for easy absorption by the towel.

Of all the methods this one would stand out as it is effective and practical too. It is also quick and easy as most homes have an iron handy at all times. You need to only do it with care so that you do not burn through the towel and onto the carpet.

#4. Alcohol

Colorless alcohol would help to dissolve the hair wax. Once it dissolves wipe it off with a clean white towel. Do this many times till the hair wax totally come off. If anything remains which it would generally does. Soak the patch with colorless alcohol and place a clean towel on top. Then keep a weight on the towel overnight. When the alcohol evaporates it would pass through the towel but would also bring along the hair wax.

The hair wax would be stopped by the towel where it would collect. This way all the hair wax would be removed. It should be done carefully ensuring that the patch does not increase in area.


Whichever method or tip you may try out, it is important to do so in a small area of the carpet before you do it on it. To clean hair wax from carpet may sound quite easy. But you would need to have patience and also be careful that the carpet is not damaged.

To try any of these methods you may have to go through the steps well. Good Luck !

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