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10 tips on how to spot clean carpet stains

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Wall to wall carpeting and rugs in your home or office, would bring out the ambience of your lifestyle. Light colored carpets are hard to maintain and susceptible to stains. Anything could stain them, tea, coffee, fizzy drinks, red wine, sauce, gum, lipstick and a host of other things. Hence being ready for the inevitable would be prudent to ensure your carpet keeps spot clean always.

We have compiled some tips which would come handy if you are to contend with stains on your carpet. These are readily available household staples and would do a great job to spot clean carpet stains.


Whatever of the following you would use, the methodology would be the same. Try to remove stains on carpets as soon as possible. If the patch has dried up, vacuum before you start to spot clean carpet stains.

Dab lightly and try to take as much of the stain into a clean dry white towel. The stain should be worked from the outer edges towards the inside. Avoid employing harsh and rough rubbing to spot clean carpet stains.

Keep the towel folded into many layers weighed down overnight. This would enable the stain to breakup from the carpet and be soaked up into the towel. Remove the towel and ensure the patch dries up quickly. After you spot clean carpet stains ensure the area is kept out of bounds till it dries up completely.

#1. Use water to spot clean carpet stains

Good old water the savior of life is the best for stains. It should be your first offensive action to try to remove the stain. If the stain is soluble in water then you have a good chance of getting it out.

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#2. Cubes of ice or freezing water

Things that generally harden when frozen, like melting wax, chewing gum, chocolate and others employing this could get them out. First try to scrape off whatever you could very gently. On the remainder left back, place a plastic bag filled with the cubes of ice or freezing water till the stain hardens and then slowly scrape it off.

If anything is left use water as above.

#3. Bottled club soda

Fill the soda water in a spray bottle and work on the stain. Spray lightly and use the clean towel method gently till the stain is removed. You may have to do it continuous for some time till the stain is completely removed.

#4. Cornstarch could help

Take as much of the stain away first by using the methodology above. Later spread cornstarch evenly on the remainder of the stain. Once the cornstarch dries up, scrape it off and vacuum.

If anything if still left use water or club soda.

#5. Alcohol

Oily stains dissolve in alcohol. Fill alcohol into a spray bottle and gently work on them employing the methodology suggested. Do not pour alcohol of the stain which could spread it on a larger area. Spray and work on the stain gently.

#6. White vinegar

Good to remove pet and children’s urine, rust stains and others. Use the same methodology by first dabbing the area and removing as much of the stain as possible. Then mix a part of white vinegar with two parts of water and fill it into a spray bottle. Then use above methodology. Do not pour the mixture on the stain.

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#7.Use Borax powder

This is ideal to remove pet stains, spilled drinks and could even neutralize unpleasant odors. Remove as much of the stain as possible and then spray the stain with ice cold water. Sprinkle the Borax powder on the stain and let it dry. Then vacuum the area and remove the Borax powder. If any stains remain employ any of the above methods.

#8. Baking soda

Spilled oil and other stains that are oil based could be removed with baking powder. Sprinkle the baking powder liberally on the stain and keep it overnight. Once dried vacuum but if the stain persists sprinkle alcohol and employ above methodologies.

#9. A mixture of Dish washing soap and Hydrogen Peroxide

Fruit juice, wine, coffee, tea, colas, and others could be removed with a mixture of two parts Hydrogen Peroxide and one part of dish washing soap. Fill in a spray bottle and employ above methodology.

#10. A concoction of Borax, vinegar and salt

Mix equal parts of the three and make into a paste. This is good to remove blood, dairy products, eggs and other food items. Gently cove the stain with this paste and leave it for one day. Then vacuum and if any is left behind try water.


Try out what you intend doing of any above on a small area, before you would proceed.

Stick to the above methodology to spot clean carpet stains. Try not to spread the stain. Dab gently and have patience, ensure you do not damage the carpet.

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